Toqan Fair Use Policy

Updated 18 March 2024

Toqan is built by MIH AI BV using various language models and it is offered under the Toqan Services Agreement. By using Toqan, you agree to do so in a responsible and professional manner.

In particular, you must not use Toqan to:

  • process sensitive (special categories) of personal data (any information about an identified or identifiable individual), such as health related information, information on religious or political affiliations, information on sexual orientation or preferences or similar;
  • make solely automated decisions in areas that may significantly impact the individuals or group of individuals (for e.g. employment, healthcare, social welfare, finance, legal);
  • generate any content that (i) facilitates, promotes, or incites violence orhatred; (ii) may harm or promote harm to individuals or group of individuals; (iii) is related to child sexual abuse or exploitation; (iv) facilitates, promotes, or encourages self-harm; (v) promotes or facilitates political extremism or terrorism;
  • facilitate or otherwise support deceptive or fraudulent activities, scams, phishing, malware or distribution of spam;
  • facilitate or encourage users to commit crimes or other unlawful acts;
  • promote or facilitate sale of, or provide instructions for synthesizing or accessing, illegal substances, goods, or services;
  • harass, bully, intimidate or otherwise harm or insult others; and/or
  • generate sexually explicit content.

You expressly acknowledge that you shall not attempt to drive Toqan to act/respond in a manner that overrides/circumvents or otherwise contravenes the above Fair Use limitations.

By using Toqan, you shall not:

  • claim that the generated content was created by yourself or other humans or represent that the generated content constitutes original and/or protected work;
  • generate content that impersonates individuals or group of individuals (deep fakes) without those individual’s consent; and/or
  • make claims about the professional expertise of the generated content.

If you are using Toqan to assist you in generating code, we recommend you take the same precautions that you would take when using any code you didn't write yourself. These precautions include rigorous testing, IP scanning, and tracking for security vulnerabilities. Toqan is an experimental technology and may sometimes generate incorrect, inaccurate, inappropriate or biased content. We encourage you to submit feedback via Toqan if you encounter such content.