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Toqan is built for impact and collaboration

A smart addition to every product and development team

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Toqan gives your team safe and simple access to proprietary and third-party GenAI models (such as GPT-4)
  • The latest GenAI capabilities in one click
  • You retain ownership of company data submitted to and generated by Toqan
  • Conversations are not used for training any third-party model

Toqan integrates seamlessly into your working environment through Slack

  • Multiple cutting edge AI models at your fingertips
  • New models rapidly evaluated and available to use
  • Results optimized for quality, speed and cost
  • Access team files, data and background information
  • Push boundaries with role specific capabilities
  • Personalize Toqan as you work
  • Upskill your teams through onboarding, tips, and social learning
  • Get up to speed with workforce AI training from Udemy
  • Gain insights on trends through valuable analytics
  • Support uniform GenAI security policies across your organization
  • Underlying third-party models do not store your prompts and responses
  • SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant, designed with the AI Act in mind
“Do a gap analysis of these two requirements docs”

Summarize, translate and compare documents

Leading companies use Toqan

“Toqan has made our team more efficient and independent. At iFood we use it for numerous applications, ranging from users inquiring about our internal data to developing AI application Proof of Concepts quickly and independently.”

Thiago Cardoso

Director of Data Science at iFood

“Toqan is a great productivity multiplier; it is a one-stop-shop for LLMs, provides easy access for non-experts to enable search and discovery on internal documents, and easier knowledge discovery across product teams. It provides governance for the data used, from legal agreements to product-use insights.”

Andreas Merentitis

Chief Data Officer Europe

“Toqan truly democratizes GenAI, with users accessing a conversational personal assistant from day 1. It’s one thing to see a blog post about a GenAI idea or implementation, but it’s a completely different thing to try that idea yourself and assess its potential, in minutes!”

Pablo Giner Abad

Global Director of Data

Be more productive with Toqan in your team

Toqan has completed over 1.1 million tasks since 2022

Product and dev teams report over 15% productivity increase with Toqan

Toqan accelerated GenAI adoption by up to 400%